What celebrities set fashion trends

Kim is a real trendsetter

Fashion, like other events, do not come out of anywhere. It is formed. And much of the credit, in this case, belongs to famous personalities, which their fans tend to imitate.

Kim Kardashian – vintage lingerie and bike shorts

This TV star has long been setting trends. For example, some time ago, a photo of Kim, in which she was in a thong from the Gucci collection, released in the 97th year, spread across the network. After that, the demand for vintage underwear has increased multiply.

Kim is a real trendsetter

And in 2018, the eldest of the Kardashian sisters started a fashion for bike shorts.  For the second year in the States, women wear this item of clothing. And now this trend is slowly moving to Europe.

Beyoncé – 120 million followers

120 million people – that’s how many subscribers Beyoncé has. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that she can easily affect fashion trends. Once Beyoncé puts her photo wearing some new clothes, and her fans immediately rush to the store to find the same or a similar model.

According to analysts, the most popular clothes of the summer of 2018 was a sweatshirt, similar to which Beyoncé was wearing at the Coachella festival.

Beyonce on Coachella-2018

Rihanna – forms trends for many years

Rihanna has long been one of the most fashionable people. This is largely due to the fact that sometimes she appears at public events in quite shocking images.

Back in 2017, she topped the list of the most influential people in the fashion industry. But since then, the singer has advanced considerably in the ranking – all of her strength are cast at the promotion of her own «Fenty» brand.

Every girl want to be like Rihanna