Unhappy rich people

The proverb that happiness is not in money has become reality to these people. Despite the millions of accounts in the most reliable banks of the planet, the stars have admitted to journalists that they are completely unhappy and, in fact, no one really understands and appreciate them. And this is despite the fact that most of the “unfortunate rich people” had families, children and even grandchildren.

Keanu Reeves

This man deserved the biggest compassion, because even by the age of sixty he could not recover from the horror of losing his unborn daughter. The baby died in the womb of the actor’s civil wife, whose name was Jennifer Syme. After the tragedy, the young people could not live together. And if Keanu was able to contain all the pain and bitterness in himself, than the girl couldn’t and “fell into serious trouble,” started to use drugs and alcohol. Soon she died in an accident.

Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Syme

Charlize Theron

The terrible tragedy that happened to her in childhood, and has left an imprint on the life of this actress. Her mother shot her father and uncle, because they were drunk and threatened to kill both women. But the mother of Theron was lucky, because the court qualified her actions as self-defense, and the girl was able to stay with her mother.

Rose McGowan

Rose’s parents ended up in a cult, where children were forced into intimacy in a perverted form, and all contact with the outside World was excluded. After the family managed to escape from “religious slavery”, McGowan suffered from her mother’s lover, because the man decided that Rose is addicted and insisted on her being sent to a clinic. Yes, after some time, a future celebrity escaped from there, but the event left an imprint on the fate of Rose.