The stars who became famous by chance

Everyone has own path to success. And if most of the stars went to their fame through thorns, developing and multiplying their talent, then some celebrities just got everything by chance. So, they just came, saw and won!

Natalie Portman

She is a classic example of winning from the first shot. In 1993, Natalie won the casting for the film of LucBesson Leon (fr. Léon). She was assigned to the role of Matilda, the beloved of the assassin Leon (Jean Reno). This film made a real sensation, and it brought the World fame to a young actress. And after that there was no end to the offers!

Harrison Ford

The story of fame of this actor is even more interesting than the story of Natalie Portman. Harrison tried himself in the cinema, but for the first time he did not receive any recognition. Moreover, the scenes with his participation were mercilessly cut. But the true gift of fate, which allowed him to reveal the natural talent for 100%, was the invitation of George Lucasan to shoot in the film American Graffiti (1973). And after that the ascended star of Harrison did not fade for a minute!

Johnny Depp

The star of the Pirates of the Caribbean hit the stage by accident, because in fact Johnny did not even plan to become an actor. It all started with the fact that his wife pushed him to record in clips. In addition to this, there were several episodic roles in commercials. In just a few seconds of shooting, Depp managed to get some good money, and the future actor decided to continue. Then there was casting with his friend, Jackie Erle Haley, and Depp got a role in the horror film “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. And it just started…