The stars who are secret blondes

Many women purposely color their hair to become blondes. It’s considered to be very beautiful and blond hair fits everyone, but among the stars there are those who don’t see themselves in white, and constantly change the color. Here we are talking about the natural blonde stars who has never being seen with white hair.

So, Christina Hendricks is ​​a natural blonde that has been seen by fans as brunette, red and brown. The girl is sure that the white color does not fit her at all.

Emma Stone is a natural blonde whose stage image (according to the producer) can’t be with blond hair.

Katy Perry is another example of the fact that not in all cases blond hair looks better than dark hair. Katie performed in the first roles, being in her natural color, and at the same time did not make the proper impressions on the audience. As her director explained later, being a blonde, Perry simply could not find a suitable stage image for herself. After all, the hard character of this girl weakly matched with the image of a home girl. And then the star made a fateful decision. She changed color and became a burning brunette. Bright red lipstick and pale skin color perfectly complemented the image of a confident and strong lady!

Amy Adams from a pretty blonde turned into a fiery-red fury, and the reincarnation was so successful that in this image she played the overwhelming majority of the roles.

And this problem is related not only to woman. Even Elvis Presley himself (yes, yes, Elvis Presley) was shy about his blondness and artificially changed his hair color.