The favorite perfumes of 5 Hollywood stars

Unfortunately, only a picture and sound can be transmitted through a screen. But probably many people have a question, how one or another actress scents and what perfume does she use.

Cameron Diaz, favorite perfume – Happy from Clinique

Happy is the pearl of the Clinique line since 1997. Its main notes are:

  • white lily;
  • magnolias;
  • grapefruit;
  • jasmine and mandarin.

The aroma is light, and brings the cheerful mood of sunny spring days. No big surprise, that such a positive girl as Cameron fell in love with it.

Jennifer Aniston, Classic by Christian Dior – Miss Dior

No big surprise, that the graceful Jennifer Aniston is a fan of this perfume. In Miss Dior are active notes of Egyptian jasmine, Indonesian patchouli, May rose and orange blossom.

Cindy Crawford, a true classic – Chanel №5

If in the favorite perfume of Jennifer there are still exotic notes, then Cindy’s perfume is a real classic. Chanel №5 is old, but loved by many fragrances. But it can’t be known for sure, does she use original version or some of the reprints.

Katy Topuria, model Un Jardin en Mediterranee

As Katy said herself, she has been using this Hermes perfume since 2004. The aroma of perfume is fresh, and very suitable for such a light and funny girl. There are dominated notes of white oleander and orange flowers. And on the background can be clearly felt cedar and lemon.

Lana Del Ray, Bright Spring Flowers

Lana is a fan of Creed French perfume. Jasmine, melon, peach, musk and rose are the main notes of this fragrance. The smell is tender and sensual, as the actress herself.