The celebrities who killed people

It’s not necessarily that talent is combined with proper moral character. Among the stars there are those who killed other people, and did it with the cold-blood, without any regret. In some cases, it happened by ridiculous chance.

Sid Vicious

The bassist of the “Sex Pistols” and his beloved Nancy were heroine addicts, although they loved each other immensely.

The use of drugs once became fatal for Nancy, when in heroine delirium, Sid stabbed her with a knife. Arriving at the scene, police found the girl’s body in the bathroom, with numerous cuts. There were irrefutable evidences against Sid, and he received a term in prison. After prison, the musician committed suicide, having consciously arranged an overdose for himself.

This story became the plot for the “Sid & Nancy” movie with Gary Oldman.

Waltraud Hill

The German singer decided to kill only for selfish reasons. On accounts of her husband Herman Hill (the man was older than her for 20 years) were 5.5 million euros. He was a wealthy fish merchant. 55-year-old Waltraud calmly killed her spouse (the authorities declared him missing), and then she has arranged a casting for a suitable replacement.

The plan of the singer was simple and clear: to find a suitable impostor for her husband, to force him to rewrite all available means to her and let him free (maybe even with a material reward). She sincerely believed that no one would notice the substitution: the couple lived in a tiny village and almost never caught the eye of their neighbors. But a cruel and cynical woman was handed over to the cops by one of the men who participated in casting, but received a categorical refusal.