Stars that were wrongly suspected of being pregnant

The personal life of the stars has been very interesting to their fans. Mass media often publish information about the pregnancy of a famous actress or singer, however, the assumptions of journalists and the expectations of fans fail. Everything turns to be just rumors.

Jennifer Aniston

For more than twenty years, the star of the Friends sitcom “has been in the status of “forever pregnant”. According to Zoomboola, once Jennifer wanted to become a mother, but she failed. After that, she joined the adepts of the childfree movement. Jennifer has already celebrated her 50th birthday, but the press continues publishing the news about her next pregnancy.

Cameron Diaz

The star of The Mask and Gangs of New York stated many times that she was not created for family life and motherhood was not for her. However, it seems that meeting with Benji Madden, she changed up her mind and her attitude to marriage. Cameron started to appear on the public in spacious clothes, and naturally, people began to suspect that she was pregnant. Nevertheless, no one yet confirmed the information.


Barbados-born singer and actress was often suspected of being pregnant. However, the reason for her rounded shapes was not a child: Rihanna often allows herself to gain a few extra pounds, therefore no one understands if she’s pregnant or not.

Margot Robbie

After the actress married the director and producer Tom Ackerley in 2016, fans started to look forward to their first child. However, Margot has no plans connected with her motherhood. The start is laughing at the rumors and says that each time she has to refute the news about the pregnancy.