Kids held hostage by their parents’ fame

Weston Cage

The parents’ fame does not always have good consequences for their children. Money and popularity almost always change people for the worse. So according to Zoomboola it was with the son of Nicolas Cage. At first, he became the central figure of a major scandal by raising his hand at his wife. After this incident, he got interested in drugs, which is not uncommon among young people in our time. In addition, the son of Nicolas Cage looks as though he’s an adherent of Satanism. Perhaps that’s his way of asking for attention?

Jaycee Chan

Everyone and their grandma know this kid’s father. Jackie Chan is a talented actor, stuntman, director, and just a good man. But he did not avoid the kids problem. His son Jaycee wanted to follow in his footsteps, but something went wrong. He was arrested for drugs possession. To teach his son a lesson, Jackie Chan did not intervene in the lawsuit in any way.

Kelly Osbourne

Another case of alcohol and drug abuse. Self-hatred and never-ending depression almost led her to suicide. Kelly has been repeatedly undergone drug treatment in psychiatric clinics. Fortunately, now she’s turned the corner and is beginning to get back on track.

Stephanie Bongiovi

The daughter of the popular rock singer Bon Jovi had a severe case of drug addiction. What drives her? The fame of her parents? Overindulgence? Stephanie was not careful and overdosed, which landed her in the hospital. Luckily, she was found and delivered to the hospital in time. Otherwise, the consequence of her actions could have been grave. However, she is now awaiting trial on charges of possessing and using drugs.