How do the celebrities deal with stress

The life of famous people is full not only with joy, but also with sorrow. To be under constant attention is very high stress. Let’s find out how celebrities manage to control themselves and not to get depressed?

Anti-stress therapy from Kate Winslet

British Kate is deals with her stress same, as English aristocrats do, in a prim and refined was. So, in order to forget about the worries, the girl makes…planning for the future and drawing up the daily routine.

As Kate herself says, this approach allows her to perfectly cope with nervous breakdown, even the strongest. In addition, being in a state of neuropsychic overstrain, she hangs stickers all around her house. They remind her of what needs to be done and gives everyone around good (and not only good) advice.

The star is sure that even if something goes not as she had planned, then nothing terrible will happen, because the most important thing for her is to plan everything carefully. But such an original way to overcome stress is suitable only for those who, like Winslet, just can’t live in chaos, needs stability, constancy and can’t stand any surprises.

Lina Dunham

The star of the scandal “Girls” uses Vedic meditation to reveal her stress, and it really helps her to come into herself. It works even despite the power of negative, going into her direction. Meditation makes it possible for Dunham not only to effectively calm down the nerves, but also to quickly tune in a positive way and start producing positive emotions by herself.