Highly paid actors who still do not have an Oscar

If the actor is rich and beloved by a huge army of fans, this does not mean that in his collection of awards there is at least 1 gilded statuette. But everything can change, as in the case of DiCaprio, who nevertheless won the Oscar.

Tom Cruise  – 3-time nominee

Tom Cruise for the Academy Award nominated three times. But, he has never received a prestigious award. At the same time, Tom himself claims that he likes it when he is encouraged by his merits, and would like to receive a gilded statuette. Despite Tom Cruise’s lack of an Oscar, he is one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors – as Zoomboola noticed.

Jim Carrey – an actor who was not even nominated

If many well-paid actors in the biography have the facts of nomination, then the world-famous comedian does not have them.

He did not receive an Oscar, and it is not known whether he will ever give it to him. With other awards he is fine. In particular, he was nominated 22 times for the “MTV Movie Awards”, and in 10 cases he received awards

Johnny Depp is nominee, but not the owner

Handsome Johnny was nominated for an Oscar many times, but he never received the award. But he has 2 “Golden Globes”, both of which were awarded for his role in the movie “Sweeney Todd”.

Benedict Cumberbatch almost got a Oscar award in 2015

The actor who performed the main roles in “Sherlock” and “Doctor Strange” still does not have an Oscar. Although in 2015, he was close to receiving this award. Then he was nominated for his role in “The Imitation Game” where he excellently played the English mathematician Alan Turing.