Celebrities ashamed of their wealth

Joanne Rowling

The writer appears to be so ashamed of her wealth that she is trying to get rid of it. According to Zoomboola, prior to 2012, her fortune exceeded a billion dollars. She’s donated most of it to charity. Rowling lives a quiet and inconspicuous life, dresses modestly and has taken her husband’s last name. She is trying to distance herself from the image of a rich and successful celebrity. The writer says she enjoys this lifestyle and has no intention to change anything.

Ingvar Kamprad

He was the founder of IKEA whose fortune totals $45 billion. However, Kamprad leaded the lifestyle of an ordinary person. He flied economy and used to drive an old, 1993 Volvo until death. The billionaire believed that dependence on expensive things is a bad habit. He enjoyed his lifestyle. According to him, his ability to save money was his advantage.

Halle Berry

The actress is trying to save on everything because she is afraid that her acting career will come to an end someday. She goes to ordinary grocery stores with her children, buys regular food and almost never eats out at a restaurant. Berry can even be seen on public transportation.

Keanu Reeves

Many girls fell in love with young, charming Reeves who never smiled. He has no reverence for his money. For example, he simply gave out 85% of the compensation for his role in The Matrix to the film set workers. Reeves explained that the money he had earned would be enough for several centuries. He buys his clothes on sales and is not averse to commuting by public transport. In addition, he loves going for a walk, so you’re more likely to see him in a park than in any expensive establishment.