5 Celebrities Who Could Not Have Been Born

Fate was not always favorable to world celebrities. Many movie stars had to climb to the top of glory, forgetting about privacy and giving up the joys of life. However, some of them can be called lucky, because they could not even be born.

Justin Bieber

According to Zoomboola, Justin Bieber’s mother was addicted to drugs and alcohol. Learning about his pregnancy, Patricia (she was 27 at that time), the mother of a future star, has shown her character and refused to have an abortion.


The mother of the pop icon has already agreed to her mother’s pleads, but at the very last moment, she refused to have an abortion. Sher said her future mother just got up from the couch and left the clinic.

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole’s mother was about to interrupt her early and unplanned pregnancy. Her parents who were very religious people were able to convince a nineteen-year-old daughter, and as a result, Nicole was born.

Andrea Bocelli

Despite total blindness, the famous singer believes that life is the greatest gift that his parents made to him. When Andrea’s mother was pregnant, she had appendicitis, and doctors insisted on an abortion. She did not follow their advice. Now, the singer does not blame those who are ready for an abortion, but she insists that women must not interrupt pregnancy.

Jack Nicholson

Unlike Andrea, the star of the movies The Postman Rings Twice and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest is a violent opponent of abortion. He says that is his mother would decide to make an abortion he would not have been born. Nicholson’s mother was only 17 and having given birth to a son she gave the baby to her parents. Almost until his 40th birthday, Jack believed that June was his sister, but in reality, she was his mother.