Miscast. Actors of Screenings Who Absolutely Missed the Original Images

Pleasure of watching favourite book’s screening pretty often is spoiled because of the discrepancy of actor’s appearance with the look of his character. And, though audience mainly accepts a rather free interpretation of literature works, the wrong look of the book’s character on screen makes them angry.

Idris Elba

A tall man of European race with striking sight of bright blue eyes – according to Zoomboola, this description Stiven King gave to the main character of the book’s sequel “The Dark Tower”. It is not clear what the filmmakers of the adventure fantasy of year 2017 were guided by when for the role of Roland Deschain they established Idris Elba.

Frank Langella

In the role of President Nickson in screening of the same-name play of Peter Morgan confident Frank Langellawas so convincing that received lots of awards like Emmy and Golden Globe. The only thing that confused the audience was absolute mismatch of famous actor’s look with his hero’s appearance. In the drama “Frost Against Nixon” the white President Richard Nixon stands besides the audience as a dark-skinned Latin American.

Michael Pfeiffer

In the screening of tragical novel by Sidonie Gabrielle Colette “Cheri” Michael Pfeiffer played a role of a Paris woman . In the book Collette describes the heroine as an aging lady with curves, her hair was like the red wood colour, she also had a natural blush. Michael Pfeiffer not only dismatched because of her appearance on the aging prostitute’s role, but also was too elegant and aristocratic as if she was a lady from high society.